For Insurance Companies and Banking Institutions

Gradatim offers Digital Solutions that enable you to rapidly grow your business

Omni-Channel, Predictive Analytics, Snapchat dashboard do not raise eyebrows anymore. For Insurance companies and Banking Institutions, focusing on growth is the single most important factor.  To achieve growth, Digital is fundamental. New Products for Millennials, emerging mid-income consumers and households, mass-retail consumers and businesses, continue to drive growth in today’s competitive market. 

Yes, we live in a world of transformation that requires both Technology and Business Models that are dynamic, creative and shared.

At Gradatim, our single focus is to provide you the Technology solutions that are evolving, transformative, dynamic and creative.

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Focus on Revenue Growth  

Take advantage of your business opportunities with our solutions that can be rapidly deployed in “Days”. “Yes – In Days”. There is greater focus than ever by Insurance companies and Banking Institutions on strategies designed to grow revenue including new product launches, M&A, Global expansion.

Scalable and Future Proof

How should Insurance companies and Banking Institutions embrace digitalization to modernize business process and support new business models? The modular structure and Micro Services Architecture of our solutions is so flexible and scalable that it can be rapidly configured to suit every business need.  

Cloud Based Core

Cloud hosted, limited budget, best-of-suite. We call it “Digital-Out strategy”. Adopting Digital Technologies outside of Insurance and Banking Core systems is emerging as a viable alternative to legacy modernization. API interfaces connect to legacy core and other supporting systems, seamlessly.

Improve Profitability

There is even more focus by Insurance Companies and Banking Institutions to reduce the cost of operations. Gradatim solutions support Hyper-automated processes supported by business rules engine and machine learning. Real time collaboration between all stake holders, result in faster turnaround and reduced cost of transactions. 

Your Customer is Key

Our solutions support all key processes; from loan/policy application to administration, from payments to settlement and the entire financial accounting. Customers, employees, channel partners have access to the solution through various digital channels and on all devices. This is “Omni-Channel at its Best”.

The Results for your Business

Gradatim solutions have helped our customers grow their revenue by over 20% per year. Your operations cost can typically be reduced by over 25%. The go-to-market time is typically less by over 50% and your product innovations are quickly deployed. Transaction time is also reduced by almost a third.