Giving You The Power to Grow. 

The Ability To Meet Your Customer Expectations.

As a CEO, growth and value creation is primary. Gradatim MFResolve® gives your banking institution the power to grow, in your market, by being better-positioned to respond quickly to your customer needs.

As a CTO/CIO, working to deliver the digital banking experience, Gradatim MFResolve® enables a seamless product and service delivery for your customers by eliminating transaction and channel focus. 

As a COO, working to improve turn-around-times, Gradatim MFResolve® helps you orchestrate all interactions with customers, front-office and operations seamlessly. In addition, the COO will benefit from various tools that improves productivity and insights from all triggers and interactions with customers. 

As a Customer, increasingly demanding additional services and reduced charges, Gradatim MFResolve® extends the freedom to routinely use bank services across all channels, across all devices without getting bound by the lines of business relationship. 

Benefits and Value to all Stakeholders

Real Benefits, Real Value, Real ROI

True and implementable options to grow your existing and new portfolio’s.

All Channels. All devices. 

Insights to experience, transactions, financial data and performance data.

Integrated front-mid-back office operations

Behavioral analytics, anticipate and react to customer needs.

Personalized and Digital experience.