End-to-End Digital Banking Solution


Gradatim MFResolve® Digital Banking Solution is a cloud ready, comprehensive digital banking system that facilitates a seamless and secure interaction between customers and banks; between employees and business lines; between business lines and departments, providing bankers with a single, efficient way to digitally operate their institution.


Imagine a Banking solution that can be assembled in “weeks”.

A Banking Solution where business users can setup products in “days”

A Banking solution where departments can create a “Smart FinTech” operations model in real quick time.


Flexible Cloud Digital Banking Solution


Gradatim MFResolve® Digital Banking Solution substantially improves the ROI for Banking Institutions by:

  • Driving your Revenue and Growth strategies
  • Helps you rapidly launch new products – mostly in days, or quickly make changes to your existing products
  • Helps your business users configure products, processes and channels without coding
  • Helps you leverage digital capabilities and build Innovative ways to engage with your customers
  • Behavioral analytics and product recommendation to cross-sell and up-sell
  • Hyper-automate processes and use the power of machine learning that improves turn-around-times
  • Build and launch affinity group channels with product focus and personalized customer engagement models


“This is an important milestone and it is interesting that we have achieved it one day before completing one year of operations. Thank you for a fabulous system which gives us the edge in the market-place.”

Small Business Lending

Small Medium Enterprises (SME) loans  are a form of business loans extended to medium-sized enterprises. A substantial amount of entrepreneurial finance comes from loans. With this source of funds, entrepreneurs can address liquidity crunch at times of asset financing, business expansion or diversification. Taking debt also acts as a charge against profits and thus, lowers your business’ tax liability. 

Gradatim MFREsolve® Small Business Lending Solution enables banking institutions to leverage technology to overcome the challenges of lending to small businesses. With a single, secure, cloud-based platform Gradatim MFResolve® unites key steps in the lending process from online application through underwriting and automated decisioning, document preparation, closing and e-signature. Institutions can mitigate risk, reduce time to fund (from weeks to days, hours and minutes) and create an exceptional customer experience leading to lasting and profitable relationships. 

Using Gradatim MFResolve®, banking institutions can :


  1. Increase profitability of small business loans.
  2. Compete with new entrants to the market.
  3. Reduce turnaround time for loan decisions.
  4. Make informed, timely and quality decisions.
  5. Reduce customer opportunity costs.

Retail Lending

Customer behaviors and expectations are continually evolving. The business environment for retail lending is highly competitive.

Gradatim MFResolve® solution for Retail lending is a digital ready solution that  transforms  how banking institutions interact with and serve retail customers.

Gradatim MFResolve® provides banking institutions with a single omni-channel solution for account opening and retail loan origination that allows you to engage with customers in the branch and out in the field, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Through an intelligent and powerful cloud-based solution that optimizes business processes, banking institutions and their customers interact on the same platform. This means you can quickly respond to opportunities and regulatory changes as well as increase wallet share with:


  1. Quick and efficient new customer on-boarding.
  2. Superior customer relationship management and a 360° view of the customer.
  3. Intuitive account opening processes for multiple lines of business.
  4. A seamless retail lending experience that supports customer interactions and back office tasks.
  5. Dynamic CPV and KYC automation with flexible tools.


Customer Engagement

In the past, banking institutions interacted with customers and prospects in a limited number of ways. However, in today’s fast-paced, digitally-connected world, they must be prepared to interact with anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Gradatim MFResolve®  Solution enables banking institutions to deliver a customer-centric digital experience through a single platform. Customers can access a state-of-the-art portal that gives them a digital channel to apply for products and services, a 24/7 gateway to information regarding the status of their loans and the ability to easily upload required documentation. Gradatim MFResolve® marries innovative technology with powerful capabilities, allowing banking institutions to successfully engage with customers in a manner that is seamless, modern and transparent. The solution enables you to:


  1. Provide a personalized customer experience.
  2. Boost customer loyalty and thus increase your business.
  3. Provide greater transparency for your customers.
  4. Increase and streamline customer engagement.
  5. Offer a convenient, digital application experience.



Gradatim MFResolve® is now available as a native-cloud solution. It is a Micro-services Architecture solution and is a a “Cloud-Ready Solution”. It encapsulates “API Economy”; renders multi-channel user experience across all stake-holders; has built-in workflow management; supports notifications; integrates with legacy and third party applications  through API and Data layer integrations; is a fully developed modern core and comes with integrated analytics for consumer behavioral analytics, tools for cross-sell and up-sell. 

Gradatim MFResolve® enables banking institutions to:


  1. Migrate from legacy to new architecture platform with minimal effort.
  2. Dynamically manage scaling and load-balancing.
  3. Components for monitoring and diagnostics.
  4. Manage configurations across the platform.