End-to-End Digital Insurance Solution

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Gradatim MFInsure® Digital Insurance Solution is a New-Age Insurance Solution, flexible and affordable option for Insurance Companies and Intermediaries. A broad functional focus and the ability to manage the “end-to-end insurance process” and an integrated business process is supporting Insurance Companies achieve their business goals – that of growth,  accelerated speed to market and ability to tailor services to the needs of Insurance customers. 

An Insurance solution that provides rapid product definition capability.

An Insurance Solution where you benefit from configuration.

An Insurance solution that offers you more flexibility for the future.

Rapid Product Definition

One of the key elements of Gradatim MFInsure® solution is a powerful product configuration engine. Built-in definition engines for product, business-rules and business process supports quick definition and helps rapidly launch new products in a matter of “days”. 
Another important element are the pre-built, ready-to-use templates for process and calculation functions. Configuration templates are customized for your needs for “today and future”.

Configure Almost Everything. 

A unique element of Gradatim MFInsure® Solution is ability to configure: one can make changes to almost everything from products to  process to templates. In fact almost all of an Insurance companies environment is handled through configuration rather than coding. This approach helps achieve a lower total cost of ownership for implementations and reduces ongoing costs.

Configuration is handled by users – who understand the particular business issue involved.


Gradatim’s business model of On-Demand service is your best insurance against obsolescence. Gradatim guarantees future releases, a well-considered roadmap for future functionality. 

Gradatim MFInsure® Solution also provides the capability for fronting. The solution is built using micro-services and the user interface, work flow, page management and business rules can be layered on top of a legacy system. The solutions integration capabilities ensure reusability of your existing legacy core, business rules engines, financial accounting system and the like. The solution provides a common user interface for all business from a user perspective. This helps improve customer service by providing automated process flows.