Gradatim MFInsure® General Insurance Solution offers the fastest way to meet  your growth needs and to meet the digital aspirations of Generation X, millennial or Generation Z  consumers. It supports management of individual and group life insurance products with one single solution.

Gradatim MFInsure® General Insurance Solution is a single platform that supports all core insurance processes: From quotations to new business, premium processing, policy administration, claims process and insurance accounting. The solution supports private and commercial lines and individual and group products. Agent and customer portals can be personalized and rapidly deployed. The solution supports a number of intermediary channels including many new emerging channels. Your underwriting and business rules are at the heart of the solution.

The focus at Gradatim is to enable Insurance Companies create new products and reaching new customers, as well as opening doors to more efficient and effective ways of delivering products and services. We are helping them build new business models. In summary, Gradatim MFInsure® enables non-life Insurance Companies:

  • Build new partner channels, interactive, digital, convenient, inexpensive and on-demand.
  • Innovate on Products. Flexible, customized policies that is based on the needs, preferences, incomes, and lifestyles of customers.
  • Highly optimized, automated service delivery, thus improving productivity by reducing the number of handoffs among agents, adjustors, and payment staff and by automating straightforward payment decisions.
A Strategic approach to capturing opportunities.