Gradatim MFInsure® Life Insurance Solution provides Life Insurance Companies, Intermediaries,  the option to enhance productivity, reduce cost of servicing and enhance digital and analytical capabilities.  

Gradatim MFInsure® Life Insurance Solution is a single platform that supports all core insurance processes, for all types of life insurance products: Term and whole life, endowment and cash based, special need policies and annuity policies. 

Gradatim MFInsure® Life Insurance solution offers a total solution for all life insurance core processes, from online sales and distribution to policy administration and payments.

Solution Benefits

Digitalize your life insurance business.


New ways to grow

The emergence of digital channel has provided life insurance companies with the means to engage with customers, when they are in need of life insurance. This single factor is leading to new opportunities for life insurance companies.

Rapid deployment

Life Insurance companies can launch new products and services on the market within a matter of weeks. The technology solution to support new products or support quick changes in now possible with Gradatim MFInsure®. Technology is no more a bottleneck for growth.

Simplified Operations

Gradatim MFInsure® can be customized by business users. Tools are in-built that helps operations teams to hyper-automate processes. Together with our implementation partners, Gradatim is committed to simplifying operations challenges.

Enhanced customer engagement

Customized and often personalized online portals can now be setup and lunched as fast as your  product innovation. Life Insurance Companies can reach and service their customers online better and make simpler personal product offerings.

The benefit of Transaction Pricing Model

Gradatim MFInsure® Insurance Solution is offered on a very innovative transaction pricing model. Insurance Companies do not have to incur high license and implementation costs.