Behavioral analytics

Do you consider your customers a bit like particles, whose activity can be described by a few well-understood rules? We help you segment your customers, a bit more systematically, based on their interest profile.

Thus you can Nudge your customer with interest in “travel” for example, to buy your travel insurance product or buy your foreign exchange service.

Know your Customers

Interest Analyzer

Customized visual analytics dashboard showing audiences by interests

Engage your Customers

Customer Profile Enrichment Engine

Build a 360-degree view of a consumer using online reading behavior

Extend your Customers

Product Recommendation Engine

Recommends relevant Banking and insurance products

Customer Acquisition Solution for cross-sell and up-sell 

Gradatim’s analytical engine combines the power of behavioral interest data, a suggestive product recommendation engine and the ability to “Nudge”.  You can combine this to build a powerful “intelligent digital mesh” or drive “emphatic banking” relationship with your consumers.

The understanding of customer interests is an emerging opportunity for banking institutions and insurance companies. This enhances the ability to cross-sell new products to existing customers. Our analytical solution combined with nudging is the future to up-sell. 

Please contact us to learn more about Gradatim behavioral analytics engine – your smart way to grow your business.