Why Gradatim MFResolve® Banking System?
A New Architecture for Mass Consumer Retail
Reducing Cost of Ownership :
Gradatim offers a cloud based deployment model for Gradatim MFResolve® banking System. This delivers the benefit of low cost of ownership along with the benefits of cloud services. Gradatim MFResolve is Azure cloud ready.
Enhancing Productivity :
With Gradatim MFResolve® banking System, banks can deploy new innovative products in new markets with unprecedented speed. A feature that is not offered by traditional core banking systems.
Agility :
Gradatim MFResolve® banking System delivers the ability to add new products or modify existing products to suit the needs of target customer segment. This allows banks to pursue new opportunities or to accommodate shifting customer preferences (for e.g., shifts to and from EMI to Differential Interest)
Develop your Business :
Gradatim MFResolve® banking System, allows you to expand to new Markets, create new Channels for distribution, Cross-Sell to existing customer groups, expeditiously.
Technology Beyond online :
Gradatim MFResolve® banking System comes with options to integrate online, mobile, third party apps and the added advantage of cloud based delivery.
Innovative model :
Gradatim MFResolve® banking System is delivered as a pay-per-use service. As an alternate core banking, businesses can now benefit from minimal upfront capital costs.
Maximize Loyalty :
Gather customer insight and understand the financial products customers are interested in, and more importantly, when they really want them.Gradatim MFResolve(R) (Change (R) to Super Script).
How is this achieved?
Gradatim MFResolve(R) banking system is designed to be a configurable system - products and processes can be configured and setup in a matter of weeks. The built-in libraries can be used as part of the setup. It is close to being an out-of-the-box system for most banking products. Analytics is customer-centric instead of being product-centric. and it allows customer to be linked to the correct scheme of plan based on risk parameters.
The systems are a comprehensive front-to-back processing solution. Featuring real-time connection between all modules, spanning transaction data capture, verification, delivery, position management and risk control.
Workflow is automated with straight-through processing, although exceptions can be set. The connection of front and field operations reduces the need for manual intervention.