Why Gradatim MFInsure® Insurance System?
To grow your business in geometrical proportions
Gradatim MFInsure® Insurance System is a “future ready” system that help deliver "customized and tailored" new products to mass retail customers – quickly, and connecting customers through new emerging channels. It provides insurance companies and Insurance intermediaries with a core system to classify, capture and service this market.

Gradatim MFInsure® Insurance System is built to manage insurance products as a standalone core system; Integrate and co-exist with existing legacy core systems and connect to existing payment and alternate electronic payment channels.

Gradatim’s predictive analytical engine helps analyze customer financial metrices (big data) and identify behavioral patterns (Customer insights). Thus new risk assessment framework can be adopted for first time customers.

Gradatim MFInsure® Insurance System allow setup of straight-through underwriting rules for individual or groups.
Gradatim MFInsure® Insurance System supports deployment of deep penetration channel models.

Gradatim MFInsure® Insurance System help setup Simplified products with standardized pricing to address the specific needs of this segment.

Gradatim MFInsure® Insurance System help, create secure, easy to use, simple and inter-operable front-line services suitable for multiple channels.
Gradatim MFInsure® Insurance System can manage large volume of insurance transactions.
How is this achieved?
Gradatim MFInsure® Insurance System have been specifically created as a configurable system. Products and processes can be setup in a matter of weeks. There are library of processes that can be reused as part of the setup. It is close to being an out-of-the box system for most insurance products. Analytics is more customer-centric than product-centric that it allows customers to be linked to the correct scheme or plan.
The systems are a comprehensive front-to-back processing solution. Featuring real-time connection between all parts of the system, spanning transaction data capture, verification, delivery, position management and risk control.
Workflow is automated with straight-through-processing, although exceptions can be set. The connection of the front and field operations reduces the need for manual processes. In fact the system can control the front-end staff operations and these can be centrally administered.