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Evolutionary Technology Systems

GRA-DA-TIM (meaning “Step-by-step-in-degrees”), is a pioneer in providing comprehensive technology systems to Banks and Insurance Companies.

Mass Retail banking and Insurance has entered a new era, with established banks and insurance companies recognizing the huge potential in dealing with an estimated Billion, across the developed and developing countries. This emerging market segment has very unique product needs that is now a focus for most banks and insurance companies.

Gradatim has pioneered the development of a very unique On-demand (Cloud) based systems “that is addressing this emerging market need” and offer a reliable alternative to legacy core banking and legacy core Policy Administration Systems that most banks and insurance companies use today.

The systems encapsulate business functions into well-defined components that can be customized in real quick time.

Achieving Cost Functionality Balance with New age Core Systems

The systems have rich end-to-end capabilities right out of the box,and are readily customizable and extensible to meet a bank's or insurer's needs.

Among others, the systems address:

   The aspect of enterprise Interoperability
   Provide the benefit of customizing best practices
   Reduce development time
   Address the issue of scale