Gradatim Commercial Model :

Gradatim follows a Cloud-driven “Transaction Pricing” business model and has been developed around the principle of “Value out of Cost”.

Traditional IT model for products is based on a License sale followed by Annual Maintenance revenue.
Gradatim has adopted the “Pay-Per-Use” Model where customer billing is on the basis of number of transactions processed. For Banking customers, an issuance of loan or opening a savings account is a transaction. For Insurance customers, issuance of a policy, underwriting a policy, collection of premium, settlement of claim are considered as transactions.
Gradatim currently charges transaction fees as percentage of the value of transaction or as a fixed cost per transaction. As example, Gradatim charges a percentage of Gross Underwritten Premium to Insurance companies for retail health insurances underwritten on MFInsure.
Customers are required to commit minimum guaranteed volumes and contracts are generally required to be for a minimum of three years.